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Two weeks to ferment, two weeks in soil, then plant.

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How To Ferment

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How to Make Your Own Fermented Bran

  • You can use almost any kind of organic material: wheat bran, rice bran, saw dust, shredded fall leaves, chipped yard waste, etc.
  • The material has to be dry and in a granular form.
  • We use wheat bran because they are easy to use, and they’re relatively inexpensive at bulk quantities.


wheat bran 10 lbs

molasses 4 fl oz (blackstrap, unsulfured, cane molasses)

EM•1 Microbial Inoculant 4 fl oz

water 80 fl oz

(2.5 qts)

The liquid ratio is 1:1:20, that is,

1 part molasses : 1 part EM•1 : 20 parts water

measuring cup

bowl to mix the liquids

mixing tray/bin

airtight container (for fermenting the bran in

(optional) PET bottle

(optional) funnel



  1. Place the wheat bran, which should be very dry and flaky, in the mixing bin.
  2. Mix the liquids in a bowl: 20 parts water, 1 part molasses, and 1 part EM•1. Mix until the molasses has fully dissolved.
  3. Slowly add the liquid mixture to the wheat bran until it’s about 30% moist (by hand, it should form into a ball but break apart when touched).
  4. Mix the liquid into the wheat bran thoroughly (no dry spots and no too-wet spots).


After thoroughly mixing, put into an airtight container.

Press down to squeeze out air.

Put a plastic bag or sheet on top of it.

Close lid tight. (optional: place books, or such, on top of the lid)

Mark the container: “Do Not Open

Ready after <write the date 2 weeks from making it>”

Let it sit at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.

White mold is good if it appears.

After 2 weeks, air-dry by spreading it out thinly or sun-dry it.

When dry (crunchy feel to it), keep in a container or ziplock

away from moisture (keeps for over 1 year), & it’s ready to use.



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